Havoc #4 Recap

AFPL Havoc Paintball Series

AFPL Havoc Paintball Series It was like saying goodbye to all our friends at summer camp on Sunday afternoon as we reached the end of the 2015 Havoc series. This year, we successfully completed a 4-event series that took us to new paintball fields throughout California where we made new friends and continued to spread the mission of the AFPL. More on that later. Let’s get to Event #4.

We arrived at Air Warriors when it was still dark out on Saturday morning, making a pit stop at Rocky’s for some donuts and coffee. It was a cool morning but that didn’t last long. The temperature climbed pretty quickly but that didn’t stop any of the teams from putting on quite a show.

AFPL Havoc Paintball SeriesWe saw some spectacular REDZONE matches, but Royalty SCP proved once again why they are indeed the Kings of Redzone. They finished the day with two trophies — 1st place and 2015 series champs. Congratulations to Royalty for your consistently graceful performance at REDZONE. And congratulations to every Havoc team who played REDZONE this year – it’s not for the faint of heart and you showed the world what badasses you are.

On Saturday, we also watched some intense D5 race to 2 matches. The final showdown was between Ro Sham Bo Paper and PBR Apocalypse — what a match! Ultimately, PBR took the victory as well as the series championship.

AFPL Havoc Paintball SeriesIt was a REALLY hot day and we want to thank Medic Mike of Bay Area Bad Company for stepping in to assist with one of the players who got heatstroke.

Sunday was a little bit cooler but the field was on fire with intense performances by Genesis and Ro Sham Bo Elite. Special shout out to the Cobras who gave the spectators an amazing show in the semi-finals (stay tuned for the video!). But let’s not minimize anything — ALL the teams fought hard, proving that the AFPL may be a tiny blip on the radar of the great scheme of things but if you’re looking for a tournament where you expect to win without doing the work, apply elsewhere.

Event Standings

D4 Race to 3
1. Ro Sham Bo Elite*
2. Genesis
3. Riverside Optimistic

D5 Race to 2
1. PBR Apocalypse*
2. Ro Sham Bo Paper
3. Tri Valley Toxic Green

1. Royalty SCP*
2. Ro Sham Bo Alpha
3. OC Titans

*Series Champions

Finally, as we sign off on the 2015 Havoc series, we want to thank everyone that made this series possible. As we continue to grow, so does our family of supporters. Each and every one of you make us want to try harder to offer a better experience each time. Thank you to David, Karen, and Nick of Air Warriors; Aaron and Holly Smith of Midway Paintball; Jesse and Pat of Stryker Paintball Park for letting our circus act invade your home. Thank you to Trish, Scott, and Nick of P.S. Photography for capturing the glory of what the players do. Thank you to the venerable Griffan Spanner for his wit, insights, and commentary. Thank you to Ronnie Nimmo, the Sin Cal Kings and the Dark Image boys for reffing and lending a helping hand. Thank you to Curtis, Charles, and Alex of APX for continuing to be there for us (and thanks for the donuts). Thank you to our traveling refs, and especially Mr. David Diaz for doing what you do. Finally, thank you to all the players who have played our events. We’ve said it before, we’ll say it again. It’s because of YOU that we do what we do. We hope to see you all in 2016.

K.I.T.! Never change! Have a rad off-season! Friends forever! XOXOXOXOXOXO

Your pals at the AFPL