Walking Chaos #2 Recap


And that was all she wrote for Walking Chaos Event #2 at The Tournament Park at Camp Pendleton. Saturday morning was a little drizzly but it all cleared up eventually to witness the exciting D4 Race to 2 and Race to 3 games. We love Race to 3 – we saw many great comebacks where a team was down two and then got back up to win the next point. Good stuff. We had a few hiccups but overall we had a great event and we met a lot of new teams from up north. It’s always fun to have people from afar come down and check out what we do. AFPL Redzone Sunday was nuts (as expected). We saw a lot of great points and stay tuned for our first ever pile-up. It was the most intense paintball we’ve seen in a long time. But let’s not forget 3-man, where we saw a lot of great teams fight like hell to win. It was an awesome weekend of paintball.

During this event, our AFPL family grew by two – we welcomed Luis Miguel Lawson of Raw Photos and Joshua Rodriguez as our cameramen. We also welcomed back our senior camera guy, Zach Kern. Hope you enjoy our experiment with these videos. We’ve got some D-side footage – just sayin’.
We’d also like to thank our video commentary guys, Tim Huza, Zachary Kent Johnson, Tim Cerruti, Carlos Torres, Kileigh “Pineapple” Shilling and all of our other fill-in guests.
Finally, thank you to everyone that helped make this event possible: Corbin Russell, DJ Mysterio/Guadalajara Crew, and our intern/statistician Adam Hoffman. Thanks to our A-team refs – thank you for supporting our league and working hard out there, and of course, Mr. David Diaz, we salute you. Thank you Curtis and APX for taking a chance on an outsider league. Very special thanks to Shawn Walker and John Svalina from The Paintball Park at Camp Pendleton and Bryan Clark from San Diego Paintball Park for your support.
And thank you to all the players and all the believers – we are nothing without you.