Walking Chaos #3 Recap


playafplThe sun was shining strong and bright on Saturday morning as teams from as far North as San Francisco and as far south as Mexicali turned out to play some nailbiting paintball. The AFPL saw a lot of action this weekend, including a tie-breaker one v. one during the Race to 3 semifinals. All teams fought hard on Saturday but ultimately, Shockwave (Mexico) took first place in the D4 Race to 2 while Black Mamba (San Diego) fought all the way to finish out as the D4 Race to 3 champions. On Sunday, the D5 3man Race to 2 division showed some real promise with up-and-coming teams who fought hard to secure their standings. At the end of the day, Techno Kitty Bandits walked away with the first place trophy.

This event was hosted at the Tournament Park at Camp Pendleton. A very special thank you to Shawn Walker and John Svalina for your continued support of the AFPL. Thank you to everyone who came out to the event, including our camera and photo crew, Lewis Lawson of Raw Photos, Josh Rodriguez, and the never-disappointing Jacob Kajiwara. We were also honored to have Justin Spankz Spangler back in the commentator’s chair for a bit on Saturday with the awesome Kileigh “Pineapple” Shilling. On Sunday’s commentary, it was the Tim Huza (Aggzilla) show all the way. Our event is made possible by the service and sacrfice of our refs, led by head ref David Diaz. Thank you to everyone else who came out, sat in on the commentary, just watched the matches, or dropped by to say hi. Together, we are a force that’s getting stronger one tournament at a time.

Hope to see you at our next tour stop, Air Warriors in Lemoore, CA on Sept. 26-27.