Walking Chaos #4 Recap

AFPL Walking Chaos #4


Here it is — the recap of the final Walking Chaos of 2015. We started Saturday with some fun 3Man matches and continued the day with some intense REDZONE matches scattered throughout. We were excited to see LHS Tigers finally get the pay-off they’ve been working toward all season long as they took home their first AFPL D5 Race to 2 1st Place trophy. But let’s not forget Techno Kitty Bandits who consistently podiumed this year (with two 1st place victories) and took second place at this event but also walked away with the series championship. There was some stiff competition in this division and last years champs Thorn Amongst Roses took third place on the day and 2nd in the series. We see a great future for all of these players.
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Now let’s talk REDZONE. When that one crazy point happens in a race-to match it’s a huge deal because it might as well be an elusive unicorn since race-to is fairly straightforward format. But we gotta say that crazy points are par for the course with REDZONE, and Saturday’s matches were no exception. Even though several players were trying out REDZONE for the first time, they managed to get the hang of it pretty quickly. Although Kitty Asylum fought hard to maintain its title from the previous Walking Chaos REDZONE, ultimately San Jose Shaolin took first place in the event and the series championship. Special thanks to Alex Rodriguez of Dynasty and Alex Goldman of LA Infamous for taking a chance on REDZONE.

On Sunday, we had the honor of having Bea Paxson of Destiny sit in on the commentary for a few matches so keep an eye out for those. Sunday was going to be a long day for us so we started the morning with D4 Race to 3. We were honored that Rose City Riot, a team from Washington state, made the drive all the way down to check out what we do. It was also great to see Kham and the SD MOB boys back for a semi-reunion as MOB Affiliated. But Techno Kitty had one plan for the day, and that was to claim their victory. The finals matched them against Event #3 champs Black Mamba, but it was obvious that Techno Kitty wasn’t in the mood for another second place. In the end, Techno Kitty took 1st place, Black Mamba came in 2nd, but were dubbed series champs, and the SC Village Vandals took 3rd place. Congratulations to all!

AFPL Walking Chaos #4 2015

The D4 Race to 2 action commenced later in the day with more exciting matches. We were honored to have a bunch of teams from Mexico cross the border to play our event. Muchas gracias a Strategy, Rage, Shockwave, Coyotes, y Onslaught Crew! The D4 Race to 2 division was full of fierce competition. Ultimately, Sacramento Outlaws faced off against Mexicali’s Rage, and though the battle was fought hard, the Outlaws demonstrated their domination with their first place victory and became series champions. Rage took 2nd and ULTRA consistently played well all day, not dropping a single match in the prelims, took 3rd. Great job, everyone!

The AFPL prides itself in the people that make our events possible. We would be nothing without our staff, including master of the scoreboard Corbin “the Pusher” Russell, our stellar video crew comprised of Lewis Lawson and Josh Rodriguez, our man in front of the cam(era) Mr. Tim Huza on commentary, the never-disappointing photographer Jacob Kajiwara, and all of the men and women who sacrifice a perfectly good weekend to do what can often be a thankless job — the paintball refs. A very special thank you to our head ref Mr. David Diaz, as always, for his dedication to the craft. Thank you to Shawn Walker and all of the staff at The Paintball Park at Camp Pendleton. Thank you to the people who live up the hill from the field — sorry about the noise. Thank you to Curtis, Charles, and Alex Keys from APX for supporting our little league. We are truly humbled by all of the support we have received from our sponsors and we hope we have made you proud.

We are the AFPL

And so this concludes the AFPL Walking Chaos Series for 2015. This year, we’ve seen many teams grow, some fall apart, and some move on to other things, but we also saw some teams come back, and some other teams take a chance on us. We continue to grow and we’ll keep showing up and fighting the good fight to be the league that welcomes players of ALL levels. That means you, new guy/girl, and also you, pro player. We’ll take your pictures, we’ll make you dance, and we’ll remind you why you got into this crazy sport in the first place.

So long, friends, enemies, and looky-loos. We’ll see you in 2016!