AFPL Paintball Tournaments

Are you RANKED?


Are you worried about playing too many events because you’ll get too many points and rank up through other ranking systems? Fear not. For the 2019 season, the AFPL has launched its own ranking system, allowing players to have more options in their tournament playing experience. AFPL RANKED is independent of any other paintball ranking system and will be the […]

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Our 2016 Season Wrap-Up


As we wrap up 2016, we at the AFPL reflect back on the long and crazy year we’ve enjoyed. We ran 12 events this year — from Mexicali to SoCal to Hollister, ending our year with our finale in Las Vegas. This year, we’ve met a lot of new friends as our paintball family continued to grow. At the center […]

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Walking Chaos #4 Recap

AFPL Walking Chaos #4

  Here it is — the recap of the final Walking Chaos of 2015. We started Saturday with some fun 3Man matches and continued the day with some intense REDZONE matches scattered throughout. We were excited to see LHS Tigers finally get the pay-off they’ve been working toward all season long as they took home their first AFPL D5 Race […]

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Havoc #4 Recap

AFPL Havoc Paintball Series

It was like saying goodbye to all our friends at summer camp on Sunday afternoon as we reached the end of the 2015 Havoc series. This year, we successfully completed a 4-event series that took us to new paintball fields throughout California where we made new friends and continued to spread the mission of the AFPL. More on that later. […]

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Walking Chaos #3 Recap


The sun was shining strong and bright on Saturday morning as teams from as far North as San Francisco and as far south as Mexicali turned out to play some nailbiting paintball. The AFPL saw a lot of action this weekend, including a tie-breaker one v. one during the Race to 3 semifinals. All teams fought hard on Saturday but […]

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Havoc #3 Recap

Havoc #3 Paintball Tournament

To boldly go where no AFPL has gone before… NORCAL!!!!! Havoc #3 was the furthest North we have ever dared to travel and it was a hell of an event at Midway Paintball in Vacaville, CA. The weather was a tad hot but we had a periods of overcast and a nice breeze for most of the day. As Michael “Chrono300” […]

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Walking Chaos #2 Recap


And that was all she wrote for Walking Chaos Event #2 at The Tournament Park at Camp Pendleton. Saturday morning was a little drizzly but it all cleared up eventually to witness the exciting D4 Race to 2 and Race to 3 games. We love Race to 3 – we saw many great comebacks where a team was down two […]

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Adios, Cancun!


This was a big year for the AFPL in that we officially took this operation to an international level. We invaded Cancun, Mexico with our brand of paintball and we killed it. We were honored to host teams from Mexico, Colombia, California, Florida, New Jersey, and more. We learned a lot of valuable lessons, made some great new friends, and […]

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